Courses on Exchange

Courses on Exchange

All students must apply for pre-approval of courses before they go on exchange to one of NHH's partner schools.

You can transfer 30 ECTS from your exchange semester into your degree at NHH. You must send an application for pre-approval of courses to the Section for Student Exchanges and Internationalisation at

What courses can I take during my exchange?

Your must take your full minor (22.5 ECTS) and one elective (7.5 ECTS) while studying abroad.

The best way to find courses is to familiarise yourself with your host school's website. You will find a list of previously approved courses at your host school in Canvas.

Even though a course is on the list you must send in an application of approval for the course, as you may have a different academic background than the students that have taken the course before you.

Students that have already fulfilled a minor at NHH are not eligible to apply for exchange. Remember that you cannot transfer any courses taken on exchange into you main profile at NHH.

What must I do to get my credits transferred?

To be able to transfer your credits from your host school into you NHH degree, the Section for Student Exchanges and Internationalisation must have received the following documents:

  • An application of pre-approval of courses before you leave on exchange.
  • An original transcript from your host school
  • A submitted NHH questionnaire regarding your exchange stay. You will receive a link to the questionnaire by email after your stay.  Erasmus+ students must be aware that the NHH questionnaire is not the same as the Erasmus+ questionnaire and that you must hand in both.

Most host schools send the original transcript directly to NHH. We will forward the transcript to you when we have transferred your credits into your degree. Should you receive the transcript directly to yourself, as will be the case for most schools in the USA, you must present it at the Section for student exchanges so we can take a copy. 

Results can be shared between Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Students on exchange to Sweden or Finland must do the following after their exchange: 1) Log on to Studentweb 2) Make sure you have checked "yes" to exchange of exam results with other institutions in your profile settings 3) Click on "Results" at the top 4) Select "Import of results from abroad" 5) Select Sweden or Finland 6) Click the green button "Go to chosen country" 7) Answer a short questionnaire

Registering for courses in the Studentweb

You must pay the semester fee at NHH while you are on exchange. You must also register a  workload of 30 ECTS in Studentweb using the code UTVEKSLING: Elective course taken as part of an exchange programme.