Rune Lines

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Sund, Berit; Lines, Rune When Leadership Leads to Loathing: The Effect of Culturally (In)Congruent Leadership on Employee Contempt and Voluntary Work Behaviors The Journal of Values Based Leadership Volume 10 (2) (21 pages); 2017
Lofquist, Eric; Lines, Rune Keeping Promises: A Process Study of Escalating Commitment Leading to Organizational Change Collapse Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Volume 53 (4); page 417 - 445; 2017
Nordmo, Mads; Selart, Marcus; Lines, Rune The others are doing it so we are doing it too: Casual effects of different justifications when managers communicate change decisions. International Journal of Psychology Volume 51 (S1); 2016
Lines, Rune; Sund, Berit Ledelse og diversitet: Felles visjoner versus individuell tilpasning : Beta. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research Volume 30 (1); page 42 - 63; 2016
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