Rune Lines

Professor Rune Lines

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Strategy and Management
Organisation and Management Strategy

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Sund, Berit, Lines, Rune When Leadership Leads to Loathing: The Effect of Culturally (In)Congruent Leadership on Employee Contempt and Voluntary Work Behaviors The Journal of Values Based Leadership Volume 10 (2) (21 pages), 2017
Lofquist, Eric, Lines, Rune Keeping Promises: A Process Study of Escalating Commitment Leading to Organizational Change Collapse Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Volume 53 (4), page 417 - 445, 2017
Nordmo, Mads, Selart, Marcus, Lines, Rune The others are doing it so we are doing it too: Casual effects of different justifications when managers communicate change decisions. International Journal of Psychology Volume 51 (S1), 2016
Lines, Rune, Sund, Berit Ledelse og diversitet: Felles visjoner versus individuell tilpasning : Beta. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research Volume 30 (1), page 42 - 63, 2016
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