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Marcus Selart is Professor of economic behavior and organization. Within the broader fields of behavioral decision making and policy, he studies how people make judgments and decisions under conditions of risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity. He is an elected fellow of the European Association of Decision Making (EADM), the International Association of Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) and, the Society of Risk Analysis (SRA)

Marcus Selart received his PhD in economic psychology from Gothenburg University, His dissertation thesis on preference reversals in judgment and choice was financed by a special grant from the Swedish Research Council aimed at strengthening research in the area of decision making and urban planning. He has been appointed honorary professor and docent at Gothenburg University. Prior to joining NHH, he held positions at Gothenburg University and Linnaeus University. His main research areas are in behavioral change, public policy, risk governance, and choice architecture. An important research area is the analysis of cognitive processes in strategic decision making and how to overcome bias in these. Much focus is thus directed towards how managers make decisions affecting their performance outcomes, and how communications can be designed to improve these decisions.

Marcus Selart offers lectures and seminars in a broad range of subjects from the fields of strategy and management including leadership, decision making, risk communication, and policy analysis.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Arnestad, Mads Nordmo; Glambek, Mats; Selart, Marcus With a little profitable help from my friends: the relational incongruence of benefiting financially from prosocially motivated favors Frontiers in Behavioral Economics Volume 3; 2024
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Selart, Marcus Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership Stress Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics; 2020
Wikhamn, Wajda; Selart, Marcus Empowerment and initiative: the mediating role of obligation Employee Relations Volume 41 (4); page 662 - 677; 2019
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