Nhat Quang Le

Associate Professor Nhat Quang Le

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Strategy and Management
Digital Transformation Hub
Marketing Effectiveness Social Influence Customer Analytics Consumer Choice Modeling Structural Equation Modeling

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Le, Nhat Quang; Supphellen, Magne Effects of Influencer Endorsement of Instagram Ads on Brand Attitudes, WOM Intentions, and Purchase Intentions Advances in Consumer Research Volume 49; page 414 - 415; 2021
Ruge, Christian O.; Le, Nhat Quang; Supphellen, Magne When and Why Employees of Non-Profits Promote their Organizations:Determinants of Staff-Word-of-Mouth (SWOM) International Journal of Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Marketing (9 pages); 2020
Le, Nhat Quang; Supphellen, Magne; Bagozzi, Richard P. Effects of negative social information on the willingness to support charities: the moderating role of regulatory focus Marketing letters (12 pages); 2020
Magelssen, Morten; Le, Nhat Quang; Supphellen, Magne Secularity, abortion, assisted dying and the future of conscientious objection: modelling the relationship between attitudes BMC Medical Ethics Volume 20; 2019
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