Magne Supphellen


Magne Supphellen is a professor of marketing at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He holds a Master of Science degree (1992) and a Dr. Oecon degree (1998), both from NHH.

Professor Supphellen’s research is focused on consumer psychology, entrepreneurial psychology and brand management issues. His has chaired several research projects and published in a number of international journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Research and Public Opinion Quarterly. In 2013 he received the Johan Arndt Publication Award together with colleague Sigurd V. Troye.

Professor Supphellen lectures on all levels including executive programs and has received the Undergraduate teaching Award at NHH twice. He has also been involved in three start-ups and is a board member of several companies and non-profit organizations. He works regularly as a consultant for Norwegian and international companies on brand management issues.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Helgeson, James G.; Kurpis, Lada Helen V; Supphellen, Magne; Ekici, Ahmet Consumers' Use of Country-of-Manufacture Information? Norway and the United States: Ethnocentric, Economic, and Cultural Differences. Journal of International Consumer Marketing Volume 29 (3); page 179 - 193; 2017
Thorbjørnsen, Svein Olaf; Supphellen, Magne Sosialetiske tema på norske prekestoler? Tidsskrift for praktisk teologi Volume 34 (2); page 26 - 38; 2017
Jakubanecs, Aleksandrs; Supphellen, Magne; Helgeson, James G. Crisis Management Across Borders: Effects of a Crisis Event on Consumer Responses and Communication Strategies in Norway and Russia Journal of East-West Business; page 1 - 23; 2017
Le, Nhat Quang; Supphellen, Magne Determinants of repurchase intentions of real estate agent services: Direct and indirect effects of perceived ethicality Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Volume 35 (March); page 84 - 90; 2017
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