Leif Egil Hem

Professor, Head of Department Leif Egil Hem

+47 55 95 96 85
Strategy and Management
Marketing and Brand Management


Leif Hem started his career at NHH in 1992. In 1995, he finished the Cand. merc. at the Institute of Marketing, NHH. He received his dr. oecon in marketing in 2001, became an associate professor at NHH in January 2002, and a pofessor in 2008.

From 1993 he has been a researcher at SNF. Hem has also worked as an associate professor at BI (2001), and has a 20% position at USN.

He has been responsible for a large number of executive programs at NHH (EMBA, etc.).  

The research focus is on consumer behavior and brand management in general and on behavior in the sharing economy, impact of weather on consumer behavior, and crowding in particular. The methodological focus covers different techniques within both qualitative as well as quantitative approaches.

The teaching obligations at NHH relates to MBM402 Brand Equity and SOL2 Marketing. Furthermore, Hem is also contributing to programs at the NHH Executive. 

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Hem, Alexander Farestvedt; Hem, Leif Egil Merkeaktivisme – muligheter og utfordringer Magma forskning og viten Volume 26 (1); page 122 - 130; 2023
Iversen, Nina Marianne; Foley, Carmel; Hem, Leif Egil THE ROLE OF IMMERSIVE FESTIVAL EXPERIENCES, IDENTITY, AND MEMORY IN CULTURAL HERITAGE TOURISM Event Management Volume 27 (1); page 33 - 50; 2023
Sun, Ya-Yen; Gössling, Stefan; Hem, Leif Egil; Iversen, Nina Marianne; Walnum, Hans Jakob; Scott, Daniel; Oklevik, Ove Can Norway become a net-zero economy under scenarios of tourism growth? Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 363 (9 pages); 2022
Iversen, Nina; Hem, Leif Egil; Olsson, Ulf H. Willingness to buy US products in three Southeast European countries: The effects of cognitive, affective and conative components of country-of-origin image JEEMS. Journal of East European Management Studies Volume 27 (3); page 487 - 518; 2022
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