Kenneth Fjell

Vice Rector for Research and Dean of the Doctoral Programme Kenneth Fjell

+47 55 95 96 87
Accounting, Auditing and Law
Competition Economics Accounting and Auditing Management Accounting and Control Microeconomics Competitive Tendering Outsourcing and Privatization

Professor Kenneth Fjell received a PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1998 and joined the department in 2002. His research and teaching interests lie in the commonalities and tensions between management accounting and industrial organization, as well as between theory and practice.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Fjell, Kenneth; Pal, Debashis On repeated myopic use of the inverse elasticity pricing rule Economics Letters Volume 175 (February); page 12 - 14; 2019
Fjell, Kenneth; Foros, Øystein; Kind, Hans Jarle On the Choice of Royalty Rule to Cover Fixed Costs in Input Joint Ventures International Journal of the Economics of Business Volume 22 (3); page 393 - 406; 2015
Fjell, Kenneth; Pal, Debashis; Sappington, David E.M. On the performance of endogenous access pricing Journal of Regulatory Economics Volume 44 (3); page 237 - 250; 2013
Fjell, Kenneth; Foros, Øystein; Pal, Debashis Endogenous Average Cost Based Access Pricing Review of Industrial Organization Volume 36 (2); page 149 - 162; 2010
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