CBE seminar on the Norwegian mobile phone market

8 May 2019 15:40

(updated: 8 May 2019 16:51)

CBE seminar on the Norwegian mobile phone market

The Center for Business Economics at NHH and SNF invited to a seminar on the Norwegian mobile market on May 8 at NHH’s campus in Oslo.

The seminar was led by professor and vice-rector Kenneth Fjell. Øystein Foros (professor, NHH), Hans Jarle Kind (professor, NHH), Eirik Østerud (professor, Department of private law, UiO) and Helge Stemshaug (partner, BAHR) contributed with presentations. The background was that The Norwegian Competition Authority has imposed a fine of NOK 788 million (approximately EUR 78 million) on Telenor for abusing its dominant position in the Norwegian mobile market. The decision in the appeal is expected in June 2019. The highest fine imposed by the Norwegian Competition Authority prior to this was NOK 140 million. The case against Telenor goes back to 2007, when Network Norway and Tele2 formed an upstream joint venture, Mobile Norway, and started to build a third mobile network, but with partial coverage. The Norwegian Competition Authority argues that Telenor's intention behind a structural change in their access prices towards Mobile Norway was to limit the rollout of the third network.