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Emeritus (Associate professor) Jan Roald

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Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication
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Jan Roald joined the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in his current position in 1983. He holds a Cand.Philol. degree (Master degree) from the University of Oslo (1974).

He earlier held a tenure track position at the University of Bergen, where he conducted a vast oil terminology project (Statoil, UiB), launched with the aim of elaborating Norwegian terminologies in this field.

He has published several articles within the field of LSP and terminology.

At NHH he teaches French language and society to students choosing French as an elective course. In addition he is involved in three on-line education projects: Termdist (terminology, Nordic range); SPIK (Language and Intercultural Communication), where he teaches basic theoretical issues within terminology science, legal terminology and documentation; and Jurdist, where he is engaged in teaching legal translation (French into Norwegian and vice versa).

He is also engaged in the National Translator Accreditation Exam organized by NHH. Here he is responsible for the French – Norwegian exam as well as being a member of the steering committee.

He has also given several conference talks and lectures in different fora on these areas of language use e.g. for The Language Council of Norway.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Simonnæs, Ingrid; Langerfeld, Christian; Roald, Jan; Sandvei, Beate Teaching legal translation in Norway - JurDist: an online course Terminology science and research - Journal of the International Institute of Terminology Research Volume 25; page 28 - 39; 2015
Whittaker, Sunniva; Roald, Jan Les normes discursives dans le langage juridique: défis terminologiques et traductologiques La traduction juridique : points de vue didactiques et linguistiques; page 43 - 52; 2013
Whittaker, Sunniva; Roald, Jan A la recherche de néologismes juridiques norvégiens et francais: discussion méthodologique Arena Romanistica Volume 13; page 296 - 311; 2013
Whittaker, Sunniva; Roald, Jan The formation of legal terms: a case study SYNAPS: A Journal of Professional Communication Volume 26; page 90 - 93; 2011
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TEaching areas

French translation, French business language