Denis Utochkin


Denise Utochkin is a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Strategy and Management.

In their dissertation, Denise studies social influence, co-production of thematically coherent dialogue, and construction of group identities against the backdrop of affordances for consumer sociality that are continuously digitalised, ever more large-scale, and increasingly governed algorithmically and in opaque ways.

Their research is rooted in computational consumer culture theory and conducted on a large dataset of conversations occurring in gaming communities on Reddit. They draw on a wide range of techniques that encompasses natural language processing, computer vision, network analysis, conversation analysis, and digital ethnography.

Denise holds a MSc degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and a BSc in International Management from Saint Petersburg State University.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Utochkin, Denis; Belik, Ivan Analyzing eWOM on Large Social Media Platforms Advances in Consumer Research Volume 49; page 443 - 444; 2021
Drozdova, Natalia; Utochkin, Denis; Kleppe, Ingeborg Astrid Web 2.0: Online Communities Or Bla-Bla Land? Advances in Consumer Research Volume 45; page 415 - 418; 2018
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