Aksel Ivar Rokkan

Professor Aksel Ivar Rokkan

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Strategy and Management
Marketing and Brand Management Interorganizational Governance B2B Marketing Supply Chain management Retail chain systems


Aksel I. Rokkan joined the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) as associate professor in 2008. He was appointed to the position of professor at NHH in 2012. He earned his PhD (dr. oecon) from NHH in 1995. He also earned his lower (Siviløkonom) and higher (Siviløkonom Høyere Avdeling) degrees from NHH.

Rokkan was a researcher at the Centre for Applied Research (SNF) 1995-2007, had a post doc position at the Bodø Graduate School of Business at the University of Nordland 2002-2005, and was an associate professor at the Harstad University College in 2007.

Aksel I. Rokkan’s research focuses on B2B marketing and interorganizational marketing institutions such as buyer-seller relationships and chain systems. Aksel I. Rokkan’s research has been published in Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Dahlstrøm, Robert; Haugland, Sven A.; Nygaard, Arne; Rokkan, Aksel Governance structures in the hotel industry Journal of Business Research Volume 62 (8); page 841 - 847; 2009
Heide, Jan B.; Wathne, Kenneth Henning; Rokkan, Aksel Ivar Interfirn Monitoring, Social Contracts, and Relationship Outcomes Journal of Marketing Research Volume XLIV; page 425 - 433; 2007
Rokkan, Aksel I.; Heide, Jan B.; Wathne, Kenneth; Wathne, Kenneth Specific investments in marketing relationships. Expropriation and bonding effects Journal of Marketing Research Volume 40 (may); 2003
Buvik, Arnt; Rokkan, Aksel I. Inter-firm cooperation and the problem of free riding behavior : an empirical study of voluntary retail chains Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management Volume 9 (05.jun); page 247 - 256; 2003
Skage, Arvid; Hjelseth, Terje; Rokkan, Aksel Ivar Put the blame on me? An empirical study of consumers' assignment of responsibility to a focal firm during a sustainability crisis International Journal of procurement management; 2024
Lin, Yi; Aarstad, Jarle; Rokkan, Aksel Ivar Network position and firms' exploration strategies: A study of two regional industry clusters in Norway International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (IJITM) Volume 20 (7) (21 pages); 2023
Rokkan, Aksel Ivar Market orientation (once again): Challenges and a suggested solution AMS Review (21 pages); 2022
Rokkan, Aksel Ivar; Haugland, Sven A. A transaction cost approach for public procurement The journal of business & industrial marketing (12 pages); 2021
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