Developing sustainable innovation strategies

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During the last eight years NHH Norwegian School of Economics, has made significant research footprints in the area of service innovation (supported by Research Council Norway, SFI CSI). One brain child of this research is The Norwegian Innovation Index (NII) - an index that currently has been «exported» to USA, Sweden, and Finland.

In keeping with NHH’s strategy - doing relevant and interesting research in a rigorous manner benefitting leaders - we are delighted to invite for a half-day seminar featuring sustainable innovation strategies.

As part of the seminar you will learn from Ivar Horneland Kristensen, CEO of VIRKE and NHH alumn, Tor W. Andreassen, professor of innovations at NHH, and four industry leaders all sharing thoughts and experiences on the topic. We are closing the seminar by celebrating the best of the best within two categories: commercial and social innovations.

Please mark your calendar for this seminar focusing strategic issues pertaining to innovations in a digital era.


Welcome and opening session

  • Vice rector for innovation and development Therese Sverdrup, NHH

Innovation, circular economy and sustainability

Sustainable innovation strategies

Four voices from business

  • Gjensidige by EVP of Communications and Public Services Janne Flessum Presentation
  • Stormberg by CEO Hege Nilsen Ekberg
  • by CEO Christian Printzell-Halvorsen Presentation
  • Sbanken by Head of IT and business development Christoffer Hærnes

Celebrating the winners: Norwegian Innovation Index Awards

  • Vice rector for innovation and development Therese Sverdrup, NHH

Closing the day

  • Professor and Leader of Digital Transformation Hub Tor W. Andreassen, NHH

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