Gender equality at NHH

Gender equality at NHH

NHH shall improve its work on gender equality. This is a precondition to ensure that NHH succeeds in strengthening both its national and international position. Ensuring that NHH is able to attract capable women is one of the main challenges.

We offer female researchers the following:

Annual amount for further qualification

All female post-doctoral researchers and associate professors in internally-funded positions receive an annual amount of NOK 25,000 for further qualification. Unused funds will automatically be carried over to the next year, but limited upwards, so that the total annual amount (funds carried over + new funds) cannot exceed NOK 40,000.

First two years of research leave earned in half the normal time

All women in associate professor positions will earn the first two years of leaves of absence for research purposes in half the normal time. See the regulations on research leaves for more information about rules, application deadlines, application forms etc.

Financial support to attend conferences and workshops, for shorter stays abroad, extra journeys home etc.

Pursuant to detailed rules, as an associate professor and professor, you can receive:

  • Financial support for extra journeys home if a research stay is divided into several shorter stays abroad and the grounds are related to your family situation – for example if you have small children and a working spouse.
  • Grants for several shorter stays if you have small children and choose to travel without your family.

All women in academic positions can receive:

  • Financial support to attend conferences or workshops, even if they are not presenting their own work.
  • Financial support for short stays abroad, also stays lasting less than a month.
  • An expanded annual grant limit of NOK 40,000 per year in connection with conferences, workshops etc. (travel and accommodation) (the standard amount is currently NOK 30,000), e.g. to encourage increased gender equality.

Women in academic positions

GENDER equality Seminars

NHH organizes seminars on gender equality in academia. The aim is to inform about women's position in academia, explain the underrepresentation of women in academia and give strategies to combat inequality. The seminar series focuses on diversity in academic institutions in general and at NHH in particular, with particular focus on gender equality, gender balance and internationalization.

Managers and staff members in scientific positions are the primary target groups. The seminars are also open to external participants.

  • Seminar overview

    Seminar overview

    Culture and structure for gender equality and better gender balance

    22 NOV 2019
    10.00 - 12.00
    The NHH employee cafeteria

    Wendy Carlin, professor of economics at University College London (UCL) and leader of the CORE-project.

    Title: 300 000 economists missing. Where are they?...And what can NHH do?


    10.00 - 12.00
    The Jebsen centre, NHH

    Curt Rice, rector and professor at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and the leader of the Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research (KIF).

    Title: Gender balance and gender perspectives – a matter of quality?

    Meeting room 9th floor

    Astrid Kunze, Professor of Economics, NHH, and James Hosea, Senior Adviser, Section for Research Administration, NHH.

    Where are all the women at business schools, and why are they so few?

    Breakfast get-together and discussion for female faculty members

    Karl Borch

    Anna Wahl, Vice President for Gender Equality and Vaules, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH)

    Gender Equality Expertise in leadership positions

    Panel: Anna Wahl, Øystein Thøgersen, Mette Bjørndal and Gunnar E. Christensen
    Leader of seminar and panel: Hilde Sandvik, director of Broen.XYZ
    Title for the panel discussion: Gender Equality Expertise in leadership positions

    Karl Borch                                                 

    Jill Walker Rettberg, Professor of Digital Culture, (UiB)

    Title: Research Council of Norway grants: How are applications evaluated and funds dispersed?

    Panel: Jill W. Rettberg, Karin Thorburn, Bertil Tungodden and Helge Thorbjørnsen
    Leader of seminar and panel: Hilde Sandvik, director of Broen.XYZ
    Title for the panel discussion (film): Research Council of Norway grants: How are applications evaluated and funds dispersed?

    Programme Committee responsible for the seminar series


    • Astrid Kunze, Professor at the Department of Economics
    • Ingebjørg Tyssedal, Gender Equality adviser,