Women in academic positions

Women in academic positions

NHH makes targeted efforts to increase the proportion of women among the academic staff.

The proportion of female professors is still low. The ambition set for the number of female professors, both permanent and adjunct positions, is demanding to achieve, and determined efforts are made in these categories.

Female faculty NHH 2024

More information on the DBH website (database for statistics on higher education) 

The gender perspective

Gender perspectives in research improve the quality of research in a number of areas. 

The Research Council of Norway and EU/Horizon 2020 emphasise  gender perspectives when considering applications. This represents both major opportunities and challenges for the research communities.

NHH works to increasingly include gender perspectives in its research. Faculty can receive support from the Office of Research Administration.

See an example of how gender perspectives can contribute to higher research quality (internal link)

Women in academic positions 

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The overview was last updated 12 April 2024.

Professors 20% women