Technology Management

MAB3 Technology Management

Vår 2024

Høst 2024
  • Læringsutbytte

    Upon successful completion of the course, the student:


    • can explain key concepts and principles related to theories and literature on digitalization, digital transformation, and digital maturity
    • has gained fundamental understanding of modern digital technologies and their potential capabilities
    • has acquired fundamental knowledge about how modern digital technologies might affect organizations at different levels and areas
    • can critically reflect on the consequences and effects of digital technologies from an organizational and managerial perspective


    • can analyze an organization’s digital maturity based on established frameworks and theories
    • can evaluate and formulate a digital strategy
    • can analyze how digital technologies can be utilized to improve an organization’s services, products, processes, and business model

    General competence

    • can take an active part in relevant discussions on digital technology and the technological development from an organizational and managerial perspective
    • can apply their acquired knowledge and skills to learn more about emerging technologies on their own and reflect on how organizations might utilize these effectively and sustainably

  • Undervisningsopplegg

    The course will be organized based on the following structure:

    • Part 1: Managing digital technology
    • Part 2: Developing digital strategy and managing the digital transformation
    • Part 3: Innovating and aligning digital services, products, and processes
    • Part 4: Developing competencies, skills, and the workplace of tomorrow
    • Part 5: Digital security and privacy, social governance, and ethics