Profit and Sustainability Analysis

BUD5 Profit and Sustainability Analysis

Høst 2024

  • Læringsutbytte

    Upon completion of the course, the student a should be able to:


    • Explain how data-driven analysis can enhance sustainable value creation
    • Explain what frameworks and analyses are appropriate for different purposes and assess to what extent they give a correct picture of profitability and sustainability
    • Discuss how different accounting analyses can be used in different managerial decision-making settings


    • Apply theories for measuring and evaluating firms' profitability and sustainability in light of their strategic positioning.
    • Identify and analyze relevant information to solve business problems
    • Integrate insights from various theories into the decision-making process in a business setting.
    • Assess the impact of ethical and sustainability considerations on managerial decision-making and profitability, and apply this understanding to real-world business scenarios.

    General competence

    • Develop critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate complex business scenarios.
    • Apply an interdisciplinary approach to decision-making, incorporating knowledge from multiple fields such as accounting, strategy, and economics
    • Assess and weigh multiple considerations in a decision-making situation, including financial, ethical, and sustainability factors




Professor Kenneth Fjell, Department of accounting, auditing and law.

Associate professor Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge, Department of accounting, auditing and law.