Micro 2 – Incentives and Organization

EBO2 Micro 2 – Incentives and Organization

Vår 2024

Høst 2024
  • Læringsutbytte

    Upon completion of the course the student can:


    • Compare different organizational forms and incentive schemes, understand why firms choose them, and analyze potential consequences (including unintended ones)
    • Understand the motivation and implications of every-day concepts such as bonus schemes, promotions, hierarchies, outsourcing, and teams
    • Understand how incentives and organizational structures can accelerate or decelerate technological development


    • Design basic compensation contracts
    • Discuss suitable organizational forms and incentive schemes for specific firm types
    • Utilize acquired knowledge to analyze the rise and fall of major real-world companies, such as Apple versus Microsoft in the 2000s

    General competences:

    • Combine theoretical and practical insights to make informed judgments on firm decisions