Macroeconomic Analysis in the Global Economy

EBO4 Macroeconomic Analysis in the Global Economy

Vår 2024

Høst 2024
  • Læringsutbytte

    Upon completion of the course, students can:


    • discuss the measurement of the aggregate economy and the role of trend vs cycle
    • describe the definition and measurement of core concepts such as labor and total factor productivity and the distribution of income
    • identify the role of a Central Bank
    • recognize the role of the exchange rate for the market conditions of the firm
    • demonstrate how macroeconomic theory can be integrated with climate analysis


    • analyze and discuss Central Bank actions and choices using macroeconomic data and economic theory
    • use economic theory to analyze the implications of trade on firms and workers
    • use economic theory to understand the impact of governmental policies on trade
    • discuss the impact of technological trends such as automation, AI, robotics, and digitalization on the aggregate economy and on trade flows and global value chains

    General competence

    • apply the theoretical concepts learned in the course to analyze real-life macroeconomic issues
    • analyze macroeconomic patterns and trade flows by combining data and economic theory