Areas of expertise in strategy and management

Areas of expertise in strategy and management

The STR major comprises two different areas of expertise/themes, "Strategic Analysis" and "Organisation and Leadership".


Strategic Analysis examines theories, mechanisms, and practical frameworks that can be used to understand why differences in performance both between and within markets can arise, how and why such differences can persist over time, and how this affects strategic decisions in companies. Here, students will also learn how to perform strategic analyses and how to take the step from strategic analysis to creating strategies and business models for companies that are competing in a single market (business strategy) and/or for companies competing in several markets (corporate strategy).

Strategic Analysis will give you a solid general business understanding that will enable you to understand what drives the "numbers" we find in, for example, profitability analyses or valuations. This theme will therefore suit students with analytical skills who wish to work with decision makers (or become one) or as a consultant, analyst, advisor or leader at various levels in an organisation.

The theme combines well with subjects from a variety of other majors, but fits especially well with subjects concerning, e.g., profitability analysis from the BUS major (in Norwegian), corporate finance subjects from the FIE major, industrial organisation subjects from the ECN major, or subjects about branding or customer understanding from the MBM major.



Organisation and Leadership examines the business itself, with a focus on the challenges business leaders meet when they plan to implement or deploy strategies, how one ought to lead and develop the business's human resources, and how one can carry out complex organisational changes. Even in cases in which there exist solid strategic analyses and a robustly designed strategy, a firm will not achieve the desired results if it cannot also carry out and create support for strategic decisions. The latter requires knowledge of how one can organise operations so that strategic changes are well founded and implemented, as well as an understanding of how individuals and groups can cooperate to function as well as possible in organisations.

Organisation and Leadership will enable you to understand, analyse and lead implementation, change and reorganisation processes.

This theme suits students who wish to work with implementing strategy and/or change and reorganisation processes, whether as a consultant, advisor or leader. It also suits students who wish to work in HR or management.

The theme therefore combines well with the majority of disciplines at NHH, and particularly well subjects within performance management from the BUS major (in Norwegian).