List of all GLAD Network events.

Upcoming events

April 2018 (date tba.)
Cáceres, Spain

The next GLAD network meeting is planned in connection with the Corpus Linguistics conference in 2018.

Previous events

16-18 March 2017
Greifswald, Germany  

Fourth Conference on Language Contact in Times of Globalization

LCTG4 International Conference on Language Contact 

22-26 August 2016

The influence of English on word-formation structures in the languages of Europe and beyond

Conference panel, ESSE Galway

11–12 March 2016
Alicante, Spain

Building the Global Anglicism Database (GLAD)

International Conference on Anglicisms

26-31 July 2015
Antwerp, Belgium

Linguistic and pragmatic outcomes of contact with English as a foreign language;

14th IPrA Conference

29 August 2 September 2014
Košice, Slovakia

The pragmatics of borrowing: Assessing the pragmatic effects of borrowings from and into English;

12th ESSE Conference

4-8 September 2012
Istanbul - Turkey

Conference panel on Anglicisms

11th ESSE Conference

24-28 August 2010
Torino - Italy

The Anglicization of European Lexis;

10th ESSE Conferense

Photo: Public Domain / Pixabay