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9-11 May 2018

X International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC 2018)

9-11 May 2018

The next GLAD network meeting is planned in connection with the Corpus Linguistics conference in 2018.

16-18 March 2017
Greifswald, Germany  

Fourth Conference on Language Contact in Times of Globalization

LCTG4 International Conference on Language Contact 

22-26 August 2016

The influence of English on word-formation structures in the languages of Europe and beyond

Conference panel, ESSE Galway

11–12 March 2016
Alicante, Spain

Building the Global Anglicism Database (GLAD)

International Conference on Anglicisms

26-31 July 2015
Antwerp, Belgium

Linguistic and pragmatic outcomes of contact with English as a foreign language;

14th IPrA Conference

29 August 2 September 2014
Košice, Slovakia

The pragmatics of borrowing: Assessing the pragmatic effects of borrowings from and into English;

12th ESSE Conference

4-8 September 2012
Istanbul - Turkey

Conference panel on Anglicisms

11th ESSE Conference

24-28 August 2010
Torino - Italy

The Anglicization of European Lexis;

10th ESSE Conference

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