Global Anglicism Database (GLAD) Meeting
Link Friday, September 10th  (15:30-17:00) [Open for everyone]

esse - 2021 Lyon, france: Glad related talk

Danish phraseology: Direct vs. indirect Anglicisms
  Henrik Gottlieb (August 30th to Spetemper 3rd)

CILC - 2018 Cáceres, spain: Glad meeting talks

GLAD: status on bibliography and database
Download Gisle Andersen, José Luis Rojas Díaz, and Ziyuan Zhang
New Anglicisms and their currency in Italian corpora: a comparison between TenTen16 and CORIS
Download Virginia Pulcini and Marek Lukasik
Danish Anglicisms: Corpora, dictionaries and news archives as finders and keepers
Download Henrik Gottlieb
English vs Finnish swear words in Finnish CMC: grammatical and social meanings of English pragmatic borrowings
Download Elizabeth Petersen and Johanna Vaattovaara
Usefulness of the National Corpus of Polish for the study of Anglicisms
Download Elżbieta Mańczak-Wohlfeld and Alicja Witalisz
Pseudo-Anglicisms in Czech
Download Ivana Bozděchová and Aleš Klégr
Corpus research on the morphological variability of Anglicisms in contemporary Spanish
Download Beatriz Rodríguez Arrizabalaga
What all the cool kids are talking about? Analyzing spoken corpora for anglicisms in German
Download Jaime Hunt
What can CORPES XXI tell us about the thematic distribution of Anglicisms in the Spanish press?
Download Eugenia Núñez Nogueroles

CILC - 2018 Cáceres, spain: Glad meeting poster

Potential use of the forthcoming Global Anglicisims Databse for the study of Anglicisms in Japanese
Download Keisuke Imamura

Photo: José L. Rojas D. - Cáceres, Spain