Master Market

Master Market

Finans|Bergen allows member institutions to advertise topics for a master thesis. Through its unique academic and broad industry network it thereby matches academically-skilled and enthusiastic master students to specific industry demand.

Member organisations benefit from fresh ideas through working with the students on pre-defined topics, as well as a body of resulting research which can be applied to meet concrete challenges. 

During this collaboration students have the opportunity to work with both the member organisations and their academic mentors at NHH on ‘real world’ issues and enjoy the influence their research can have on future business within the organization.  This cooperation can lead to employment within the partner organization, and enhances the attractiveness of students for other future employment.

Current master thesis collaborations

Previous master thesIs collaboration 

Current Mater Thesis Topics Open For Application

How does it work?

  1. Member organisations identify relevant topics related to an area of interest to the organization, and confirm their interest in joining the initiative.
  2. Finans|Bergen contacts relevant academic mentors from NHH for their participation in the process.  The academic mentor guides the students in the writing of their thesis.
  3. Interested students form groups of 2 and submit a joint application form via the above application form. Note, only applications submitted in english will be considered. Applications should including information on the students’ background, their research interests, their CV and transcripts.
  4. Finans|Bergen evaluates applications and matches student pairs to research topics.  Finans|Bergen then  confirms the match with the member organization.
  5. Students chosen for the Masters’ Thesis cooperation are then informed about their selection and advised to make contact with their allocated member and the member organization.