Bonus Scheme

Bonus Scheme

Affiliated researchers can receive support towards relevant finance research and projects through the Finans|Bergen Bonus Scheme.

The following guidelines have been established for the awarding of publication bonuses through the Publication Bonus Scheme:

  • Qualification


    The research bonus is paid for publications in finance. Each author will receive a bonus in the amount of NOK 18,000 for publications at the Norwegian “level 2” and of NOK 8,000 for publications at “level 1”.
    Levels related to the national guidelines.
    The bonus is payable upon acceptance of the publication. The money will be deposited into the author’s research account (annum). Bonus is not paid for publications that trigger a bonus at the department level, but is unrelated to other publication incentives.

  • Who may apply

    Who may apply

    All researchers at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in the area of financial economics who are internal members of Finans|Bergen and participate/contribute accordingly are eligible for the publication bonus. This includes PhD students, post doctors, and assistant professors, but not adjunct professors. In case of joint papers, each Finans|Bergen-author receives full bonus.

  • How and when to apply

    How and when to apply

    Applications may be forwarded to at any time and should include a copy of the acceptance letter as well as the accepted paper.

  • Administration


    Applications and correspondence are managed by Finans|Bergen’s administrative coordinator. Bonus awards will be made public on Finans|Bergen’s website.