FAIR at the American Economic Association Annual Meeting 2024

8 January 2024 09:35

FAIR at the American Economic Association Annual Meeting 2024

Several FAIR researchers and affiliates contributed to the American Economic Association Annual Meeting that took place over the weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

Kjell G. Salvanes is chair of the paper session: Work Environment and Job Amenities.


Siri Isaksson is a discussant in the paper session: Experiments on Gender Differences in Behavioral Traits. She will also present the paper "Will Artificial Intelligence Get in the Way of Gender Equality?" (co-authored with Catalina Franco and Daniel Carvajal).


Sam Dodini is a discussant in these paper sessions: (1) Social and Economic Outcomes of Occupational Licensing, (2) Worker Responses to Information about Employers, and (3) Career and Technical Education and Advances in Student Outcomes. He also presents the paper: "The Career Effects of Union Membership" (co-authored with Kjell G. Salvanes, Alexander Willén, and Julia Zhu).


Alexander Willén is presenting: "Labor Market Competition and Its Effect on Firms and Local Communities" (co-authored with Katrine V. Løken and Samuel Dodini).


Selim Gulesci (Professor II at FAIR) is presenting: "Childcare, Labor Supply, and Business Development: Experimental Evidence from Uganda" (co-authored with Kjetil Bjorvatn, Denise Ferris from BRAC International, Arne Nasgowitz, and Vincent Somville).


Maria Recalde (visitor at FAIR) is presenting: "Early Onset of Gendered Work Assignments" (co-authored with Alexander W. Cappelen, Sissel Jensen, Kjell G. Salvanes, Bertil Tungodden, and Lise Vesterlund - FAIR Affiliate).