FAIR Annual Report 2023

2 April 2024 09:37

FAIR Annual Report 2023

The FAIR Annual Report 2023 is now available online. You can read it in full length here, alongside a statement from Centre Director Bertil Tungodden.

Words from the centre director

Over the past year, our team at FAIR has worked hard to further our understanding of how to address the challenges of inequality. We have produced impactful research that is recognised worldwide, with papers accepted for publication in all the top journals in economics. Our research insights have also contributed to important policy discussions both nationally and internationally.

FAIR has hosted more than 120 events this year. We have organised conferences both locally and internationally, PhD courses for young talented researchers, book-signing events with leading scholars, and many online workshops with collaborators. We have welcomed more than 100 visitors from across the world who, together with the dedicated FAIR Team, have contributed to a vibrant research environment and the FAIR spirit. We are particularly proud of the six FAIR PhD students who defended their theses this year.

FAIR is engaged in many large-scale data collecttions. We have now successfully completed the data collection for “The Childhood Gap Project”, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts, and three large-scale global data collections on the moral mind. We are very proud of having established the Data Infrastructure Unit, which is key to our efforts to produce transparent and  robust research.

Looking ahead, we are excited to keep growing, building partnerships and making a positive impact on society. In this annual report, I am happy to share the exciting work we have been doing. Our mission to understand inequality and its impact on society is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of our achievements and grateful for the support we receive.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in addressing the challenges of inequality and contribute to a fairer world. The annual report gives you a glimpse into the various activities happening at FAIR.

2023 Annual Report



Bertil Tungodden
Director, Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality (FAIR)