Claudia Goldin wins the Nobel Prize in Economics

10 October 2023 14:49

Claudia Goldin wins the Nobel Prize in Economics

Claudia Goldin is this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in economics. She received the prize for her work in improving our understanding of gender differences in labor force participation and wages.

In her research, Claudia Goldin has studied to understand the reasons behind the increased labor force participation of women in paid work and how the wage gap between women and men has been reduced.

She has focused on the role of education as an equalizing factor between genders.

In the United States, women surpassed men in education starting with cohorts born in the early 1950s, and they began their professional careers in the 1970s. This shift led to a significant reduction in the wage gap between men and women, and the proportion of women in leadership positions also increased.

This is closely related to the research we conduct at the Centre for Empirical Labor Economics here at FAIR. Kjell G. Salvanes has written a column about the new Nobel Prize winner which you can read here: Hva krympet lønnsgapet – og hvorfor ble det ikke tettet? (in Norwegian).