"Designing Information Provision Experiments" in Journal of Economic Literature

Ingar Haaland i JEL

7 March 2023 14:23

"Designing Information Provision Experiments" in Journal of Economic Literature

Researchers are always looking for new ways to test economic theories and answer policy-relevant questions. Ingar Haaland, along with Christopher Roth and Johannes Wohlfart, has contributed to this effort by exploring the use of information provision experiments.

Their work, published in the Journal of Economic Literature volume 61 (1), surveys the emerging literature in this area and discusses the many applications in macroeconomics, finance, political economy, public economics, labor economics, and health economics.

The article also provides best-practice recommendations on how to design these experiments, including how to measure beliefs, design the information intervention, measure belief updating, deal with potential confounds, and recruit respondents using online panels. The authors also discuss typical effect sizes and provide sample size recommendations.

Overall, this research represents a new frontier in economic research, providing a powerful tool for testing theories and informing policy decisions. As more researchers adopt this methodology, we can expect to see many exciting new insights and discoveries in the years ahead.

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