Coffee with James Heckman on Social Mobility and Child Development


28 April 2023 11:25

Coffee with James Heckman on Social Mobility and Child Development

In this episode of Coffee with... Kjell G. Salvanes sits down with James Heckman (Nobel Prize laureate and Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago).

Heckman discusses his findings on social mobility in Denmark, the importance of understanding the power of sorting, and critical factors to understanding developmental processes worldwide. He also emphasizes the importance of social interactions and the role of love in child development.

James Heckman is a distinguished economist and a Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, where he has been a faculty member since 1973. A Nobel Prize winner in economics, his work has made a significant impact on the field of human development, especially in the areas of education, inequality, and social mobility. He has conducted pioneering research that demonstrates the importance of early childhood development programs in promoting long-term success and has challenged traditional assumptions about the sole importance of IQ in predicting outcomes. His work has shown that non-cognitive skills, such as perseverance and motivation, are crucial factors for success. In addition to his research contributions, Heckman is a passionate advocate for evidence-based policymaking and has worked extensively with governments and policymakers around the world to implement effective policies that promote social and economic mobility.


In these videos, we chat with prominent scholars visiting FAIR and NHH. This is great for us here at NHH, but we want to share the experience with others. We, therefore, aim to post about four videos per year where we interview leading scholars for about 10 minutes over a cup of coffee.