Bertil Tungodden delivers the annual Grimen Lecture

9 November 2023 10:34

Bertil Tungodden delivers the annual Grimen Lecture

The Grimen Lecture is a tribute to Professor Harald Grimen, a leading Norwegian philosopher of his generation, exploring topics aligned with his legacy. Bertil will delve into how moral motivation influences our economic decisions.

In the upcoming Grimen Lecture at OsloMet, Professor Bertil Tungodden will talk about how moral ideas play a role in our economic choices. The lecture is part of an annual event that honors Professor Harald Grimen, a respected Norwegian philosopher.

Professor Tungodden, who is also the Director at FAIR, will share insights on how moral motivation influences the way we make economic decisions. This discussion aims to make connections between economic theory and moral philosophy more accessible.

To add perspective, Professor Olav Gjelsvik from the University of Oslo will provide comments, making it easier for everyone to understand the relationship between morality and the choices we make in economics.

About the Grimen Lecture

Harald Grimen (1955-2011) was a professor of professional ethics at the Center for Professional Studies from 2003. Grimen earned his doctorate in philosophy in 1988 from the University of Bergen with a dissertation titled "Aspects of act-identification and intention-identification."

Professor Harald Grimen passed away in February 2011 due to a mistake during a heart operation. With his loss, Norwegian philosophy and social sciences mourned an outstanding researcher and teacher. In honor of Harald's memory, an annual lecture is organized. These memorial lectures aim to reflect Harald's broad areas of interest and are delivered by distinguished scholars.

For many years, he was active at the Center for Philosophy of Science at UiB until he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Tromsø. Before joining the Center for Professional Studies, Grimen was a research leader at the Institute of Medical Anthropology at the University of Oslo for a period. Through his work, Grimen played a central role in shaping professional studies as a field of research.