New paper in Journal of Health Economics

Photo by Moti Abebe on Unsplash

13 April 2022 08:51

New paper in Journal of Health Economics

Vincent Somville, Asbjørn G. Andersen, and Andreas Kotsadam have published a new paper in Journal of Health Economics: Material resources and well-being — Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery.


Do better material conditions improve well-being and mental health? Or does any positive relationship merely reflect that well-being promotes economic success? We compare winners and losers from a large Ethiopian housing lottery in a preregistered analysis. Winners gain access to better housing, experience a substantial increase in wealth, and report higher levels of overall life satisfaction and lower levels of financial distress. However, we find no average effects of winning on psychological distress. Our results suggest that not all aspects of well-being and mental health are equally sensitive to economic conditions.

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