Publication bonus from The Norwegian School of Economics

Fair researchers

21 December 2021 14:47

Publication bonus from The Norwegian School of Economics

Many congratulations to all of the FAIR Researchers who got a Publication bonus from The Norwegian School of Economics in 2021!

Aline Bütikofer for “How Cognitive Ability and Personality Traits Affect Geographic Mobility” (joint with Giovanni Peri) – Journal of Labor Economics

Alexander W. Cappelen, Sebastian Fest, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden for “Choice and Personal Responsibility: What Is a Morally Relevant Choice?” – The Review of Economics and Statistics

Marc Goñi for “Childless Aristocrats: Inheritance and the Extensive Margin of Fertility” (joint with Paula E. Gobbi) – The Economic Journal

Samuel D. Hirshman for “Minimum Payments Alter Debt Repayment Strategies across Multiple Cards” (joint with Abigail B. Sussman) – Journal of Marketing

Kjell G. Salvanes for “Intergenerational Mobility and the Timing of Parental Income” (joint with Pedro Carneiro, Italo L. García, and Emma Tominey) – Journal of Political Economy

Josef Sigurdsson for “Household Debt and Monetary Policy: Revealing the Cash-Flow Channel”  (joint with Martin Flodén, Matilda Kilström and Roine Vestman) – The Economic Journal

Josef Sigurdsson for “The Gift of Moving: Intergenerational Consequences of a Mobility Shock” (joint with Emi Nakamura, and Jón Steinsson) – The Review of Economic Studies

Alexander Willén for “Interactions in Public Policies: Spousal Responses and Program Spillovers of Welfare Reforms” (joint with Julian V. Johnsen, and Kjell Vaage) – The Economic Journal