New Head of Administration at FAIR

1 February 2021 11:23

New Head of Administration at FAIR

FAIR welcomes our new Head of Administration, Maja Dame.

From Monday, February 1st, Maja Dame will step in as the new Head of Administration at FAIR. Maja will be replacing Janina Juranek, while she is on maternity leave. 

Our current Head of Administration, Janina Juranek, will have her last day at FAIR on Friday, February 19th. Maja is currently the Head of Administration at the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at NHH. FAIR is looking forward to working with our new Head of Administration. 

"I am very excited having been given the chance to be a substitute in the period Janina is on leave. My previous work at NHH is in three different departments and also a short period at the office of student and academic affairs. I am truly happy to work at NHH, for the opportunities at the school and I am delighted to come and work at FAIR. Although we are all mostly in our home-offices I already feel the FAIR enthusiasm and engagement. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we can all meet at campus as I look forward to getting to know you all."