Lit on Training Entrepreneurs

9 December 2020 12:20

Lit on Training Entrepreneurs

This month VoxDevLit was launched and its first piece is Lit on Training Entrepreneurs, with Kjetil Bjorvatn amongst the co-editors.

This month a new literature review, VoxDevLits, was launched and the first issue included Lit on Training Entrepreneurs, edited by David McKenzie, Chris Woodruff, and seven co-editors Kjetil Bjorvatn, Miriam Bruhn, Jing Cai, Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe, Simon Quinn, Tetsushi Sonobe, and Martin Valdivia. 

The review takes a closer look at research on entrepreneurship training. Aid agencies and governments spend more than a billion US$ on entrepreneurship training annually. What have we learned about the effectiveness of training? 

Editor in chief Tavneet Suri writes: 

"VoxDevLits will be dynamic literature reviews that can be downloaded from our website. The model we use is inspired by wikis, with each Lit being a collective effort of a large group of expert scholars working on the topic addressed in the review. The Lits will be managed by one or a few Senior Editors and written with the help of many Co-Editors."

The second Lit on Mobile Money will be published in early 2021. You can stay updated by following VoxDevLits on social media