Top social science research in Norway

By Frid Helen Olsen Hop

27 June 2018 11:12

Top social science research in Norway

FAIR research centres, CELE and The Choice Lab, have both received top grades from The Research Council of Norway after a country wide evaluation of Social Science research in Norway.

NHH receives top grade

The Research Council of Norway has evaluated Social Sciences research in Norway. A total of 136 research centres in 34 institutions were included. Only 22 of the research centres were graded “excellent”. Among them, we find five at NHH, including The Choice Lab and CELE.

The evaluation found that the overall level of scientific production within Social Sciences research in Norway is very good and well placed on the international stage. Nevertheless, only nine institutions received top grade (excellent). NHH is one of them, and receives top grade both within Economics and Business Administration.

The committee’s description of NHH:

The production of research and scientific quality at NHH are excellent. The publications included in the evaluation are published in journals of highest scientific level and gives extremely good visibility internationally. The scientific articles are outstanding and original.

Excellent within the field of Economics

Eighteen institutions were included in the evaluation of Economics; 14 of these units submitted a total of 23 research groups for review. The evaluation included university departments as well as researchers in Economics from independent research centres. Research quality in general is at a good or very good level, with some cases of outstanding performance.

CELE and The Choice Lab have been evaluated separately, and both the centres received top grades. CELE is described as an excellent research group that also has a documented, excellent societal impact. The Choice Lab is described as exemplary in how a strong research environment can generate international visibility and achieve excellent scientific and societal impact.

Celebration of NHH receiving Centre of Excellence funding for FAIR spring 2017.
Celebration of NHH receiving Centre of Excellence funding for FAIR spring 2017.


Sitations from the evaluation:

The members of the centre have published over 20 articles in top general economics or top field journals, which is an excellent record for such a small research group. Many universities and research institutions have access to large longitudinal data sets, but cannot document corresponding success in international recognition of their work.

An innovative combination of administrative data and experimental data sets has generated additional research with considerable elements of novelty. The research by CELE has not only found its way into internationally highly recognised journals, it has also, which is at least as important, been widely cited, which is evidence of its impact.

The research carried out by the members has attracted a lot of media attention, not only in Norway, but also in leading international newspapers and magazines, such as The Economist, Newsweek and New York Times.

Furthermore, members of the centre have also been members of government committees, of the boards of Statistics Norway and Research Council of Norway, and have been invited to give advice to several Norwegian ministries.

The Choice Lab

Sitations from the evaluation:

The Choice Lab (TCL) is one of the leading research centres for experimental and behavioural economics in Europe and worldwide. It comprises a core group of NHH researchers and also boasts an outstanding network of international collaborators. Its publication record and international visibility are outstanding. 

TCL has the advantage of being the main research centre at NHH and having the capacity required to increase its international excellence. Its research targets are well aligned with NHH’s goals. They are academically rewarding and applicable as policy advice.

The research is largely experimental and investigates individual and group decisions, including moral and risky contexts. The group is also known for making methodological contributions and enhancing the quality of experimental research by linking it with other empirical methods.

TCL has an outstanding track record in publishing at the highest level. It comprises both Economics and general science journals. While the leading researchers are typically involved, the publication record includes all members and junior members of the group.

The TCL research network is outstanding and visible internationally. It benefits both senior and junior members of the group, but also PhD students that do not belong to TCL. The international network allows PhD students to collaborate with external experts inside and outside academia.