Front lines on adoption of digital and AI-based services

Participants in DIG's PhD course on AI.
Participants and contributors in the PhD Course "Front lines on adoption of digital and AI-based services".

15 November 2023 13:17

Front lines on adoption of digital and AI-based services

The phd-course «Front lines on adoption of digital and AI-based services” was organized for the first time this semester. Professor Tor W. Andreassen was the course responsible and many researchers at DIG contributed to the course.

“At the Department of Strategy and Management, we recognize the implications of AI in shaping future landscapes of research and business. We take pride in our faculty's commitment to integrating these technological advancements into our curriculum,” says Professor Andreassen.

The course aims to provide exposure to current topics in digital businesses and the tools required to pursue research in the domains of digitalization at large, and consumer-firm interactions.  

“Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, represent a paradigm shift in marketing research methodologies and business operations. These technologies are not merely tools; they are transformative forces that redefine data analysis, decision-making, and creative problem-solving. As these innovations evolve, it is imperative for the academic community, especially researchers, to stay abreast of these developments to harness their potential for research topics effectively,” says Andreassen.

The course format integrated seminar-based readings, lectures, hands-on exercises, and presentations. Students were expected to learn not only the diverse applications of digitalization in various consumer spaces including advertising but also gain exposure to the various types of data sources available to propose new research ideas.

Sigurd Birk Hansen pursues a PhD in Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior at UiT – The Arctic University or Norway. He researches how consumer behavior is impacted by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

“I really appreciated taking part in this course. A number of skilled lecturers contributed to engaging discussions and stimulated the development of research ideas. It was also rewarding to share experiences and views with the other participants. This contributed to an educational and valuable course experience,” says Birk Hansen.

Frode Lervik, founder and CEO of Veloverveid, also took part in the course.

“During the week-long course, we were exposed to a great diversity of AI-related thinking and discussed current and potential future avenues for research. The topics included the latest Silicon Valley developments and thinking, the most recent and ongoing service- and consumer-focused AI research, as well as pressing questions related to AI Ethics and regulation,” says Lervik.

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