DIG Fully Equipped for AI Revolution

From left: Ivan Belik, Denis Utochkin and Tor W. Andreassen.

25 October 2021 08:57

DIG Fully Equipped for AI Revolution

NHH’s new AI-server that is made available to the DIG center, is NHH’s first Deep Learning-capable platform, poised to enable researchers and DIG partners to develop AI-driven insights into digital transformation.

It is impossible to talk about digital innovation without mentioning artificial intelligence. The transformative power of AI for businesses and society at large can hardly be overestimated and so it is crucial that DIG not only stays in the forefront of interdisciplinary research on digitalization of businesses, but also has direct access to a platform that enables creation of AI-driven research and business solutions. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that such a platform has recently been created by DIG, thus greatly expanding not just the scale, but even the kinds of research possible at the research center.

Research-grade deep learning

NHH’s new AI-server that is made available to the DIG center, equipped with cutting-edge hardware by AMD and Nvidia, opens new horizons for data analysis on a scale unattainable by any other server hosted at NHH’s data center. The server makes its mark as the university’s first computational platform capable of research-grade deep learning. This branch of machine learning is concerned with using stacks of artificial neural networks that imitate the structure and functioning of the human brain to automate highly complex processes that are often out of reach of less advanced AI algorithms.

The new server will serve as a powerful and flexible data analytic environment that can be utilized for a wide array of data scientific tasks, from unsupervised machine learning to computer vision and from large-scale statistical analyses to advanced network simulations.

With this platform in place, DIG is well-positioned to attract researchers interested in machine learning applications in the context of strategy, management, and marketing. This also means that DIG is now more than ever ready to create value for its partners interested in AI-driven solutions for organizations that are looking to deal with the challenges and seize the opportunities of doing business in the digital age.


Like any new undertaking, making DIG AI server a reality required a team effort by many DIG members. The initiative is spearheaded by Ivan Belik, an associate professor with extensive expertise in large-scale network analysis and data science, and Denis Utochkin, a PhD student who is leveraging the power of natural language processing and computer vision in his exploration of online consumer communities. A special thank you should be extended to NHH’s Atle Johnsen, the senior engineer responsible for the server deployment, and NHH’s hardware vendor Atea, who helped ensure this project comes to fruition amid a global semiconductor supply chain disruption.

So, whether you are a current or potential DIG partner with a need for AI-powered, evidence-based insights into digital transformation and sustainable growth, or a researcher with an interest in data science and machine learning in the context of digital innovation and business analytics, look no further than Bergen, Norway!