Welcome Anna - PhD Research Scholar in Sustainability Management Control

Anna Eitrem

15 October 2020 12:00

Welcome Anna - PhD Research Scholar in Sustainability Management Control

Anna (27) just started her PhD at the Centre for Sustainable Business. After graduating from NHH in 2018, she worked two years in consulting. Now she is back to do her PhD in Sustainability Management Control.

What inspired you to do a PhD?

Social and environmental sustainability is increasingly influencing the way businesses are run. As a consultant, I worked with communicating sustainability strategies for large companies. Now, I want to dig deeper into how these strategies are executed. We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and social inequality is still a massive problem. My overall goal is to make an academic contribution to the sustainability literature.

What is your PhD about?

The topic of my PhD is the development of sustainability management control systems, with a special emphasis on industrial companies and the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer. In other words, I will focus on how companies work to ensure that their sustainability strategy is successfully implemented across the firm.

Do you have any advice for students considering pursuing a PhD?

Find an overall purpose of your research that you’re passionate about! For me that is social and environmental sustainability. I also found it really valuable to leave university for a couple of years after my master’s degree to work in consulting and learn more about different industries. Finally, get it touch with someone you think could make a good supervisor before you apply.

What’s your favorite thing about Bergen?

I love the mountains surrounding the city, and the cultural scene. I enjoy hiking and running in the mountains as often as I can. As there are several universities in Bergen, the vibe of the city is young and vibrant. There is always a good concert or an interesting debate to look forward to!