Award to Francisco Santos


27 June 2016 13:22

(updated: 27 June 2016 13:32)

Award to Francisco Santos

The Master's students' Award for Excellence in Teaching 2016 goes to Associate Professor Francisco Santos for his efforts in the course FIE400E Investments.

The award winner Francisco Santos with Martin Hoang Nguyen from NHHS.

The Academic Committee in NHHS states: 

"Francisco Santos has a fantastic ability to convey, to motivate and to engage the students by discussing topical issues. He has managed to convey a difficult subject in a clearly and understandable way.

The course programme is thoughtfully structured. There are good transitions between the different topics, so that students get a good overall understanding at the end of the semester. Francisco Santos uses a good combination of PowerPoint, blackboard, and Kahoot!, which both motivates and engages the students."

In the nomination, one of the students said:

I have taken the course twice earlier without understanding anything at all. With Francisco Santos, all pieces fell into place. He made me understand that many of the difficult issues in finance are not really hard, if you attack the issues right.

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