Why the Financial Times ranking is important for NHH

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NHH's master's programme is world-class, according to the latest ranking by Financial Times. In 2023, NHH moved up two places. `Engaged alumni, contributing insights and experiences, were important for the ranking,` says Rector Øystein Thøgersen. Photo: Eivind Senneset
NHH By Sigrid Folkestad

11 April 2024 16:00

Why the Financial Times ranking is important for NHH

NHH's master's programme is world-class, according to the Financial Times ranking. In 2023, NHH moved up two places. `Engaged alumni were important for the ranking´, says Rector Øystein Thøgersen.

FT Ranking and Alumn

  • Those receiving questionnaires from FT have completed their education three years earlier.
  • FT requires a significant proportion of alumni to respond to the survey.
  • FT has adjusted its rankings over time. For example, in recent years, carbon footprint, teaching hours about ESG, how to achieve zero emissions goals, and the importance of the alumni network have been included.
  • International accreditations are also increasingly important quality indicators. NHH holds the so-called Triple Crown, which consists of the three accreditations EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.


In 2023, NHH achieved 90th place in competition with the top hundred business schools in Europe. Being among the top hundred says a lot about the quality of the study programme.

NHH has been included in Financial Times' ranking of Europe's best business schools since 2005.


`First and foremost, international competition is sharpening and makes us better. It gives us valuable feedback and contributes to the development of NHH's strategy for education and alumni engagement, says NHH Rector Øystein Thøgersen.

Many young people use rankings as a tool when choosing a place to study.

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`The insight from NHH's alumni is invaluable´, emphasizes Rector Øystein Thøgersen. Photo: Siv Dolmen

`A strong position can help NHH to attract ambitious and highly qualified students,´adds Thøgersen.

Financial Times conducts annual rankings of different study programmes at European business schools. At the end of the year, these are combined into an overall ranking. NHH normally participates in four sub-rankings.


`The MSc in Economics and Business Administration, the full-time master's degree in economics and management, is NHH's flagship. Therefore, the ranking of the master's is very important for NHH," says Thøgersen.

When FT ranks business schools, it bases its assessment on factors such as income and career development, to the institution's social responsibility and global impact. Some of the data is reported directly to FT by NHH, while a large part of its data material is gathered by FT from their surveys among alumni.

`The insight from NHH's alumni is invaluable´, emphasizes Øystein Thøgersen.

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NHH Earns AACSB International Accreditation

NHH Norwegian School of Economics has earned AACSB business accreditation. `We congratulate NHH and Rector Øystein Thøgersen on earning accreditation, and applaud the entire NHH team´, said Stephanie M. Bryant at AACSB.
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NHH advances two places on FT ranking

The Norwegian School of Economics has a world-class full-time master's programme, according to the Financial Times’s latest rankings.