Say hello to Dino!

Picture of  Dinogen Uruthiran. Photo: Ingrid Aarseth Johannessen
Leader of NHHS: ‘The position gives me two things: personal development and the chance to give something back,’ says master student Dinogen Uruthiran. Photo: Ingrid Aarseth Johannessen
NHH By Ingrid Aarseth Johannessen

14 February 2023 12:43

Say hello to Dino!

Dinogen Uruthiran (23) is the leader of what is perhaps Norway's most active student association. His advice to new students: ‘Do what keeps you motivated.’

‘I knew that the school was the best in Norway in its field and that the student community was incredible,’ says the master student Dinogen Uruthiran (23), and adds:

‘The best thing about NHH is the student association. You can make a lot of good friends and at the same time develop as a student. You can make friends for life that may also be important contacts in the future. Who knows where we'll be in ten or twenty years?’ 


In January, he took over the important role as leader of the student association (NHHS) and now works for NHH's approximately 3,600 students.

Uruthiran submitted his master's thesis in December and was offered a job at McKinsey a good while ago. However, the role in NHHS is so important to him that he chose to postpone starting his new job by six months. Thankfully, his new employee was happy to wait:

‘They saw how much personal development the position would offer me and were positive about me spending an extra semester in Bergen.’

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Uruthiran says that he’s happiest when there's lots going on and he’s surrounded by lots of people. Since childhood, he’s devoted his free time to football. For the past four years he's been the head coach of the boys 16 and 19 teams for Åsane football club and for the boys G19 team for Sandviken.

‘It was very rewarding and was kind of my escape during the pandemic.  Life there carried on as normal so I wasn’t isolated like many others were. I was on the football pitch five to six days a week and travelled pretty much every other weekend to play matches. In retrospect, I perhaps spent a bit too much time coaching,’ says Uruthiran and smiles.

Photo of Dinogen Uruthiran from when he was a football coach.   The picture to the right shows Uruthiran and Lars Kilen after they submitted their master's thesis.
For the past four years Dinogen Uruthiran has been football coach alongside his studies at NHH. ‘It was very rewarding and was kind of my escape during the pandemic.’ The picture to the right shows Uruthiran and Lars Kilen after they submitted their master's thesis. Photo: Odd Løvset,

‘What experience did you get from your coaching job?’ 

‘I learned a lot! I learned how to balance my time and how to take different interests into account at the same time,’ he says, and elaborates:

‘Useful experience can be gained from so many different activities, so it's important to look for opportunities in everything we do. At the student association, there is a lot useful experience to be gained.’

Uruthiran recommends that students choose jobs and positions based on their own interests and not just what looks good on their resume:

‘Do what keeps you motivated!’


Uruthiran describes himself as someone who likes to take responsibility. The role of leadership has felt natural for him for as long as he can remember, and he felt he just had to go for the position in the student association.

‘The position gives me two things: personal development and the chance to give something back to NHHS, which has given me so much in recent years.’ 

As a leader, he will work towards ensuring the student association has a greater number of open, low-threshold events. The goal is for as many students as possible to participate.


As a child, Uruthiran dreamed of becoming a doctor. Later, he wanted to be an engineer, but in upper secondary school he grew interested in economics.

‘I had an excellent and inspiring teacher in financial management who inspired me to go into economics. After that the choice was easy – it just had to be NHH!’

What he likes most about the Economics and Business Administration programme is the many opportunities it offers:

‘The study programme opens a lot of doors and you’re not locked in to one industry or one profession. For example, if you're interested in football you could get a job in that industry once you've finished studying. You can also combine economics with an interest in law. NHH has a lot of elective courses and a range of specialisations, so you can follow the path that's right for you.’

Photos of Dinogen Uruthiran at NHHS' activites. Photo: Foto NHHS
Uruthiran has been very active in the student association (NHHS) he now is the leader of. He has been the head of “Parkettgutta”, but also worked with Bergen Challenge, Symposiet and UKEN. Photo: Foto NHHS


NHH students have many opportunities to gain international experience during their studies. Uruthiran spent one semester in Singapore at the start of 2020 and advises anyone who can to go on an exchange.

‘NHH is the Norwegian champion of exchanges and makes it very easy for students to explore the world. The semester in Singapore was extremely educational. I learned a lot from living in another country and experiencing everyday life there.’

‘What would you say is the best thing about an exchange?’

‘You grow massively as a person!’

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