Crisis after crisis in shipping

shipping conference NHH
«NHH Shipping Conference – LeaderShip» in 2021: Harald Solberg (Norwegian Shipowners Association), Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik (Sparebanken Vest), Susanne Vinje (Hydro) and Øystein Kalleklev (FlexLNG). Photo: Helge Skodvin
By Sigrid Folkestad

10 October 2022 13:26

Crisis after crisis in shipping

«NHH Shipping Conference – LeaderShip» is coming up. Now, they announce the line-up of more than 15 top speakers from the business and academia.

November 8, decision makers in the blue business and researchers will meet to exchange knowledge and increase their learning for the common good.

In cooperation with NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen Shipowners’ Association and Maritime Bergen, has created the «The NHH Shipping Conference – LeaderShip». More than 15 top speakers from the business and academia are lined up.

Profesor and shipping expert Roar Os Ådland.
Profesor and shipping expert Roar Os Ådland.

Norwegian shipping

Professor and shipping expert Roar Os Ådland invites all interested in shipping to attend the conference at Hotel Terminus in Bergen.

The conference speakers will present and debate the fundamental changes that effect and cause uncertainty and challenges for Norway and the shipping industry, according to Professor Ådland. 

– We will address several urgent topics, he says:

Amidst soaring inflation, continuous supply chain disruptions and an urgent energy security crisis following the war in Ukraine, are shipping emissions still a priority for the shipping industry’s stakeholders?  Or is the uncertainty of which fuel to choose, and the cost of shifting, too big to handle?

Dedichen and Solberg

Little Norway making big green waves?

How can we continue to use our unique knowledge of the ocean and technical expertise to make waves and drive changes on a global scale? This is one of the most important issues facing the Norwegian shipping industry.

Major challenges

The shipping industry has dealt with major challenges in recent years, Siv Remøy-Vangen, CEO at Maritime Bergen, says:

`Over the last years, our industry has dealt with crisis after crisis – where the price fall of oil hit the offshore industry hard in 2015. Equally hard, our industry was paralyzed, as the rest of the world, by covid. We were beginning to look at the end of the pandemic; we faced a new situation affecting us with the Russian war in Ukraine´, says Remøy-Vangen.

– Our goal is to see shipping lead the field

‘You represent an industry that has really felt the effects of the oil price drop at first-hand. But now the worst is over,’ said Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen at NHH’s shipping conference in Bergen.

How these factors are affecting the industry´s day-to-day operation are hot topics, also at the forthcoming shipping conference in Bergen.

`The conference is an excellent meeting place for industry actors interested in factors influencing our day-to-day operation, as well as meeting people with similar interests. A conference that has been a privilege for Maritime Bergen to cooperate with two great organizations such as NHH and Bergen Shipowners Association´.