MBA meeting in Tokyo


12 January 2018 14:13

MBA meeting in Tokyo

A few weeks ago, students at the MBA-programme «Seafood Management» gathered in Tokyo. During their stay, programme director Linda Nøstbakken and some of the students made a video.

`The MBA students are top motivated people from fish farming, fisheries and seafood, and already they are very good ambassadors for NHH's study`, Program Director and Professor Linda Nøstbakken says

In the autumn of 2016, 24 students joined NHH Executive's MBA program Seafood Management. The programme was developed by NHH, encouraged by the seafood industry through the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

The program aims to prepare professionals in the entire seafood industry for management positions by providing them with in-depth knowledge and competence across key areas such as economics, strategy, management, marketing, finance and accounting.

In January last year, they met for the first time in Bergen. The MBA students have been to Montreal, and now last: Tokyo.

`Like the industry itself, the program is internationally oriented, and interest has been great outside Norway`, Nøstbakken says.

The participants come from Sweden, the UK, France, Portugal and Canada.