By Sigrid Folkestad

27 February 2018 14:43


`It is a great honor for me to be appointed as a Full Professor in economics at NHH´, Astrid Kunze says.

This week, Astrid Kunze was officially promoted Full Professor in economics. The NHH Rector Øystein Thøgersen thanked Kunze for her important contributions on several research topics in economics.

Ulik likestilling i arbeidslivet

Førsteamanuensis Astrid Kunze er aktuell i boken «Ulik likestilling i arbeidslivet», som ble lansert denne uken.

'First and foremost, at NHH we have a working environment that focuses on research, which is very important. I also have collaborated with many good students at NHH, who have shown interest in lectures and for the research field´, Kunze says.

Kunzes research covers several topics in empirical labour economics, including human capital and male-female differentials in wages and other labour market outcomes, mobility job market research, family economics, and migration.

- Prepare for maternity leave

The same old story in Norway? Women with children progress slower on the career path, than women who do not have children. Why is that surprising for a country known for its gender equality and a paid paternal quota of 10 weeks?

Highly educated women lose most from having children

New research by economist Astrid Kunze shows that taking a few years off work results in bigger losses for highly educated women than for women with less education. She is critical of the cash benefit system.

The committee evaluating her application says:

In particular, with respect to issues of the gender gap she is a leading expert in the field.

According to NHHs guidelines for personal promotion to full professor, as practiced by the Department of Economics, the requirements are as following: A quantity of 8 to 14 papers, and at least five papers published in level 2 journals. The rest in good level 1 journals.

kunze thøgersen
Professor Astrid Kunze and NHH Rector Øystein Thøgersen.

She has submitted 14 papers and clearly satisfies the requirement for full professorship with respect to quality of her academic production. The committee also finds that the quality of her best papers are very high at that these papers make important contributions to her field of research (evaluation committee).