Attractive in the labour market

NHH By Hallvard Lyssand

5 April 2018 20:06

Attractive in the labour market

NHH candidates quickly find relevant, well paid jobs after their studies and the percentage working in IT and telecommunications is on the rise, shows NHH’s new labour market survey.

The labour market survey is an annual survey of how NHH graduates are received in the labour market. It was sent to the 498 candidates who graduated in spring 2017.

The responses show that over 88% had found work six months after completing their master’s degrees. About 7% of the candidates chose to continue their studies at NHH or other educational institutions. This is a 2% increase from the previous year.

Among those in employment, 74.6% stated that they had received a job offer before they had graduated. Close to 95% consider their work to be relevant to their education at NHH.

‘We are continuously working to further develop our study programmes in order to meet business and industry’s need for economists with a solid understanding of technology and other trends in society. We also have clever and hard-working students. I am therefore not surprised that the results of the survey show we are succeeding in becoming more relevant,’ says Rector Øystein Thøgersen.

The salary level also shows that NHH candidates are attractive among employers. The candidates’ average pay is approx. NOK 531,400, compared to NOK 524,700 in the previous year’s survey.

Tech growth

The percentage of NHH candidates who end up in the private sector is high and rising. A total of 93.2% of those who graduated in 2017 stated that they work in the private sector. In 2016, this figure was 92.5%, and 88.8% in 2015.

Consultancy (25%), auditing (18.2%) and banking, finance and insurance (17.6%) are still the biggest sectors by far for newly graduated NHH candidates.

However, IT/telecom is also on the rise. Of the candidates, 10.1% stated that they worked in these sectors, compared to 6.8% the year before and 4.5% in 2015.

More key figures

  • 95.2% of the respondents work in Norway.
  • Most found work in Oslo (63.8%) and Bergen (20.1%).
  • 6.8% have started their own business.

NHH has increased its focus on technology and digitalisation over the past years with a number of new courses, both to meet the labour market’s need for economists with a more in-depth understanding of technology and to prepare the students as best as possible for a rapidly changing labour market.

Download the 2017 labour market survey (PDF 1.8mb)