Line Lervik-Olsen

Adjunct Professor Line Lervik-Olsen

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Strategy and Management
Digital Transformation Hub
Marketing and Brand Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Caruelle, Delphine; Gustafsson, Anders; Shams, Poja; Lervik-Olsen, Line The use of electrodermal activity (EDA) measurement to understand consumer emotions – A literature review and a call for action Journal of Business Research Volume 104 (November (11)); page 146 - 160; 2019
Lervik-Olsen, Line Adopsjon av sosiale medier i kjøpsprosessen Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse Volume 22 (4); page 33 - 41; 2019
Gustafsson, Anders; Lervik-Olsen, Line The Past, Present and Futrure of Service Marketing: From Understanding Quality to Understanding Customers At the Forefront, Looking Ahead: Research-Based Answers to Contemporary Uncertainties of Management; page 251 - 266; 2018
Andreassen, Tor W.; Lervik-Olsen, Line; Snyder, Hannah; Allard, Van Riel; Sweeney, Jill; Yves, Van Vaerenbergh Business model innovation and value-creation: the triadic way Journal of Service Management (JOSM); 2018
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