Line Lervik-Olsen

Adjunct Professor Line Lervik-Olsen

Strategy and Management
Digital Transformation Hub
Marketing and Brand Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Caruelle, Delphine Sylvie Sophie; Shams, Poja; Gustafsson, Anders; Lervik-Olsen, Line Emotional arousal in customer experience: A dynamic view Journal of Business Research Volume 170 (12 pages); 2023
Caruelle, Delphine Sylvie Sophie; Lervik-Olsen, Line; Gustafsson, Anders The Clock is Ticking—Or Is It? Customer Satisfaction Response to Waiting Shorter vs. Longer than Expected During a Service Encounter Journal of Retailing Volume 99 (2); page 247 - 264; 2023
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali; Lervik-Olsen, Line; Andreassen, Tor W. The Norwegian Innovation Index: Methodological Foundations 2023
Lervik-Olsen, Line; Andreassen, Tor W.; Fennis, Bob M. When enough is not enough: behavioral and motivational paths to compulsive social media consumption European Journal of Marketing; 2023
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