Study rooms

Study rooms

You can use this website to reserve a study room on campus. The study rooms are only meant for study activities in groups. All rooms must be pre-reserved in TimeEdit before use. Many students need the study rooms, and it is very important that you cancel your reservation if you are not able to make use of your reservation.

You can reserve a study room in TimeEdit using your Feide username and password.

STUDY room booking

Rules for booking of the study rooms

  • Study rooms are only meant for study activities in groups. If you need somewhere quiet to study on your own, please find a seat in our study halls instead.
  • Remember to cancel your booking if you're not going to use the room.
  • It's possible to book group rooms 14 days ahead.
  • Maximum 4 hours at a time
  • Each student can book up to four periods a week.
  • If you're not in the room after 15 minutes, someone else can use the room.  
  • Please clean up the room before you leave.

The maximum capacity of each room (U01-U32, 101-107) is six students. Please note that we are currently working on upgrading the capacity in these rooms after the restrictions for social distancing was lifted, and that some rooms therefore may lack furnitures for a short period.

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