Formal Thesis Requirements

Formal Thesis Requirements

Number of pages, font size and other formal requirements for master's theses written at NHH.

The thesis should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12 and with 1.5 line spacing.

It should contain an executive summary of the work (ca. 300 words), table of contents and a bibliography.

The thesis should consist of approximately 50-80 pages.

NHH has created a template we recommend for all master thesis submissions. The Word document has predefined styles for title page, table of contents, point and numbered lists, headlines at all levels, footnotes, etc. The styles are based on the default style in Word, but has embedded font and font size that ensures that all the typographical demands are met, and ease the process of converting to PDF.

Make sure you save your work often, and use a back-up system as well, in case something should occur with your equipment.

If you need assistance regarding templates, format or similar, please contact IT Support.


We recommend that you visit for tips regarding writing and referencing.