Illness and examinations

Illness and examinations

If you cannot sit your examination due to illness, your condition must be documented in order for your absence to be legitimate.

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Legitimate absences are not considered examination attempts. After the deadline for withdrawing has passed, documented illness is the only legitimate reason for being absent from an examination.

Documentation from a doctor or specialist must be sent by e-mail, or be handed in to the Service Centre, at the latest the first business day after the examination. The medical certificate must be dated on the day of the examination and be signed and stamped, in addition to specifying which examination it is for.

If you fall ill during the actual examination, you must contact the invigilator to withdraw from the examination. This must be done in writing. You must then immediately see a doctor. The rules are otherwise as above. If you have submitted the examination answer paper, this will be sent to the examiner and no sick leave may be registered.

With an approved absence you have not used an attempt and may therefore register for the examination again. For more information - see the page regarding examination attempts.

If you are hospitalised and prevented from complying with the deadline for submitting a medical certificate, it may be submitted as soon as you are discharged. The medical certificate must contain the dates for admission as well as the information above. If you can, contact the Section for Exams.

Regulations for examinations at NHH Section 12. Withdrawal from examination. Absence.