Absence from exams

Absence from exams

If you are unable to attend or complete an exam, you must document this in order to keep your examination attempt. Undocumented absence from exams will count as one of your two permitted examination attempts to pass each course.

If you are not able to attend an exam due to illness, documentation must be sent to exams@nhh.no within the next working day of the exam date. The documentation must state the exam date and course code for the exams(s) you are unable to attend.

You do not have to document absence that do not affect exams or other mandatory course activities.

  • Valid reasons for being absent from exams

    Valid reasons for being absent from exams

    Examples of situations which are valid reasons for being absent from an exam can be illness, illness or death in close family, or orders from public authorities which prevents you from attending the exam.

    Absence from an exam due to illness must be documented with a statement from a doctor or other specialist.

    Please note, that for PhD Research Scholars, the only documentation for a valid absence from an exam is a sick note/sickness certificate ("sykemelding") from a licensed doctor (GP) or specialist. The sick note/sickness certificate must be dated before or on the day of the examination.

  • Withdraw from an ongoing exam

    Withdraw from an ongoing exam

    If you must cancel your attempt and withdraw during a home exam, you must not submit a any exam answer in WISEflow, including blank exam sheets etc. Documentaiton on why you had to cancel and withdraw from the exam must be submitted within one working day after the exam date.

    If you need to cancel and withdraw during a school exam, you must contact one of the exam invigilators immediately. The exam invigilator will ask you to formally withdraw from the exam in writing before you can leave the examinaiton hall. The deadline to provide documentation in order to keep your exam attempt is one working day after the exam date.

    If you have submitted an exam answer at any point during the exam, this will graded. There is no way to withdraw from an exam, or to have the exam result declared invalid, after you have submitted an exam.

  • Examination attempts

    Examination attempts

    A student will genereally have two attempts at passing each course. Documented absence from an exam will not count as one of your examination attempts.

    After the deadline for withdrawal has passed, documented illness is the only legitimate reason for being absent from an exam.

    As long as you have remaining examination attempts, you can register for retaking the the next time it is offered. For more information, please see course approval and examination attempts.

  • Hospitalization


    If you are hospitalized and cannot keep the deadline for documenting your absence, you must provide us with this as soon as you are . The documentation must in this case declare the date of when you were hospitalized. If you are able to contact us, you can send an e-mail to exams@nhh.no.  

Read more in our Regulations for full-time study programmes Section 4-7 Non-attendance and termination of assessment and the Supplementary Provisions to the Full time study programmes (PDF )